Our adhesives are manufactured with regard to material, strength and execution according to the professional rules for the German plumbing trade.

Clip product range

Stay relaxed. We hold your metal roof.

Enjoy the sun. We provide firm support.

Our clips are manufactured according to the technical rules for the German plumbing trade regarding material, strength and design.

In addition, we continually develop our products to meet the latest requirements from day-to-day practice.

We have adapted our special clip programme to the new generations of profiling machines. Sliding and fixing clips at different heights allow the production of different seam heights as well as the use of modern separating layers.

Clips for snap lock profiles are also offered.

Our fixed and sliding clips have a special shape on the upper part.

The special shaping of the upper part of our fixing and sliding clips results in a slight clamping effect in the pre-profiled seam, which contributes to the fact that the suspended attachments do not slide downwards.

Stainless steel clip type in approved material quality 1.4301 (chrome-nickel steel, non-magnetic)

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