Snow retention system for industrial prifabricated profiles

Doouble-tube snowretention system with heightening element in aluminium on industrial profiles

Snow retention system for mounting on standing seam by clamping method.

This snow retention system is available for several roofing types, such as e. g. Bemo®, Domico®, Kalzip® or Rib-Roof®.

Available as single- or double-tube system. Additional safety is achieved with the snow stop, which avoids little layers of snow to slip down underneath the tube.

Available in aluminium.



Double-tube snow retention system in aluminium with little heightening element for roundhead-profile

Double-tube system with small heightening element for industrial roof profiles.The heightening element is mounted sideways with the screws and nuts of the snow retention bracket.

Snow stop in aluminium for trapeziodal roofing, round-head-profiles and industrial profiles

The snow stop for trapezoidal and shoulder sheet roofs is used on roofings with round head profil and industrial profil.