We have developed special brackets for mounting solar and collector systems on metal roofs.


Enjoy the sun. We provide firm support.

Energy generation from sunlight is becoming increasingly important…

Whether for environmentally friendly electricity or hot water production - for mounting solar and collector systems on metal roofs, we have developed special brackets. Especially in the case of standing seam roofs and prefabricated profile sections such as Kalzip, Bemo or RibRoof, the roof skin is not damaged by using the clamping system known from the snow retention systems.

Notes on holding force and static considerations


  • The required number of solar holders depends on the design, weight and size of the modules. Approx. 60m transverse to the folding direction.
  • Our solar holders are constructed according to the principle of our snow retention clamping system, so the roof skin is not damaged with the fastening, the clamping holder is clamped on the double standing seam.
  • For a tightening torque of 50 Nm (on standing seam!), a holding force of the individual holder of 0.8 kN (approx. 80kg) can be assumed.
  • Load transfer of the solar holder to the subconstruction:
    Here it is necessary to individually determine which wind suction and snow loads are to be expected. In accordance with these findings, it is important to consider whether the attachment by means of clamping brackets is sufficient or whether the systems must additionally be secured. A pull-out value of approx. 0.4 kN (approx. 40kg) is to be applied for nails that are used for the attachment of clips to metal roofs. As a result, even before the clamping holder is detached from the standing seams, the clips have detached themselves, for example, from the wooden subconstruction.
  • In case of doubt, it is essential to obtain information from local structural engineers. We would be happy to provide you with further information.


With our solar holders, your panels are secure!