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Of course we are happy to fulfil special customer wishes within the scope of our technical possibilities. In particular, we offer the following customized products:

  • Colour-coated snow retention systems, coated in RAL colour according to your specifications
  • Diagonal brackets for mounting on chamfered eaves or in valleys
  • Clamp holder for round aluminium or copper round bars for fixing 100mm thick round wood

Would you like a special product? Then please do not hesitate to contact us. We will work out a solution together with you …


This bracket is available in aluminium or copper.
Roundwood with a diameter of 100mm must be ordered by the customer.



We can also supply the snow retention system in the usual RAL colours. Just ask us…


The advantages of the snow retention systems by clamping-method are that no screw will damage or penetrate the roof layer. The power flux of the snow tension is passed on to the wooden substructure (boarding and rafters) via the seams and fixing clips. Therefor, the snow retention brackets should be installed on every single standing seam.

Some important and necessary considerations for planning and mounting of snow retention systems have to be made to ensure a functioning system.

Following data are necessary to determine the dimension (number of rows, distance of the brackets, single or double tube) of the snow retention system:
Specific snow load (depends on location, according to DIN 1055/5, or indication of the engineer engaged in statically calculations), roof pitch, shape and dimension, type of roofing, seam distance, special factors such as wind motion etc..

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We would be happy to assist you in setting up a snow retention system, always considering the facts mentioned above. Please use the contact form for your message. We will contact you promptly.