Snow retention systems for standing seam

House in the USA, detailed picture of the double-tube snowretention system with heightening element.

Snow retention systems for mounting on standing seam by clamping method. The thousand fold proven system, especially in the Alps, has been developed to be ready for serial production. It is also registered in the German patent office. More patterns, such as our heightening element or tube connector are registered, as well.

Available as single- or double-tube system. With double-tube snow retention bracket, or as single-tube snow retention bracket in connection with the heightening element (see picture.)

Snow stop mounted between snow retention tube and roofing prevents that little layers of snow slip down underneath. They can also be mounted later.

Available in aluminium, copper and stainless steel.


Double-tube snowretention system in aluminium with double-tube snowretention bracket and snowstop for standing seam

Double-tube system with double-tube snow retention bracket and a snow stop mounted underneath the tube. A snow retention height of 17 cm can be achieved.

snowretention bracket in copper on standing seam

With the clamp system damages of the roof skin can be avoided. For more information have a look at the professional articles.

snow stop in aluminium for standing seam

The snow stop avoids little layers of snow to slip down underneath the tube.